The beginning:
Many friends and relatives supported us in the construction of our houses.
There were also no missing helping guests, who wanted to do something, have an unformal contact and do some exercise “of a different kind”.
We are very grateful to everyone.
Within a few years, our House by The Sea was constructed – the first one we have built for our guests.
Afterwards the extension of our own house to what is now Villa Seeblick was done.

House by the Sea – 1990:
In autumn, after the political and economic turnaround in 1989, our family started the construction.
We had a lot of fun during spring and summer with the construction work, but the winter and spring felt very chilly.
The beautiful view from the upper floors of the house was of course not overlooked by us.
The still, windless winter days proved second to none when the sea water is crystal clear and tries to seduce you to bathe … unfortunately water was still too cold during this period of the year.
We are very proud of our performance.
The houses have strongly shaped our private life – we bring something new every year – there is always a lot to be done in a big house and even when on our own vacation, these thoughts never leave us.
We spend the summer actively:
We devoted our love and time to the garden, the palm trees and oleanders, the exotic plants from other countries.
And of course there was always time for our guests.

The individual floors are clearly visible here. The external plastering took place in the winter of the same year.
Our preference for plants of all kinds can also be seen here. Even the roadside is planted with flowers and today’s big fig trees, the shades of which bring us such a refreshing feeling in the hot summer days.
House by the Sea is by its generous with marble designed 45qm large terraces a suitable apartment for large families and friends.
Since autumn 2003 all rooms have their own shower / WC.
Further reconstructions took place in 2010/11/16.
In each floor, you can drink coffee, socialize or simply enjoy being together, protected by the sun and curious views behind a “wall” of vineyards and palm trees.

Villa Seeblick – Transformation of our family house:
After completing the “Haus am Meer” and gaining some experience in the handling of building materials and management of construction workers, we decided to give our guests the view which we were enjoying ourselves from our large terrace.
So we immediately started planning and drawing until we handed the architect the sketch of our ideas.
We transformed the north-eastern part of our property to a construction site for a certain time – the result is our pride today.
Of course there was so much happening that we would rather not want to experience again, for example when we reached the stage, when the roof was removed, in order to adjust the 3rd floor of our family house to the new construction .
Of course Murphy’s law proved that there must be a heavy rainfall at the same time.
Yes, of course, it also has not been spared – our private bedrooms to be flooded with water – a good reason to renovate, unfortunately at the wrong moment.
But this has also been prevailed, as well as the consequences that the spray plaster has brought with it.

And again it is time for the renewal of the exterior plaster.
Winter storms and the proximity to the shore made the salt water from the sea to reach the facade, so that the conventional plaster material suffered.This led to a new silicone plaster that needed to replace the old one. Thus, in 2016, Villa Seeblick received a new look.

Jenanette’s house
The best of two worlds meet here: relaxation and entertainment.
Our house is situated in the peaceful green villa district of Primorsko, but is still close to the town and beach. During the construction we were able to preserve the decade old oak trees in the garden.